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Resolute Employment Relations are your go-to experts. We can assist your company through the correct processes to ensure procedural fairness and transparency.

Our services
Employment Relations

Resolute Employment Relations can help with processes such as mediation, investigations and change management.

Health & Safety

 It is vital to have the correct processes in place. These include audits, consultations and Health and Safety committees.


We can provide a robust clarity and sincerity of process, from drafting proposal, notifying employees, receiving feedback, assessing and presenting final outcomes.

HR Processes

We will ask you to consider “was the decision justified?”, “is it what a fair and reasonable employer would do?”.


We can assists you in the steps to manage the situation and decipher if an independent investigator is required.

People Services

 Resolute Employment Relations are determined to provide you with
superior employment related services to help you achieve a safe and happy workspace.

We’re in the people business
Here at Resolute Employment Relations we recognize that business is about people.
Lisa Kay
Falcon Construction
Project Manager

My team and I are thoroughly impressed by the level of support Resolute Employment Relations has provided for us. They guided us through all the appropriate processes.

John Smith
Spec Energy

Resolute Employment Relations has helped my small business to grow by looking after my HR needs. They displayed a high level of professionalism and efficiency


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