Employment Relations
… HR is a role where you often think “now I’ve seen everything” but believe me – there are always interesting issues that come up.

Fiona Clifton is passionate about finding real solutions to human resource and employment issues. Fiona began her own business to assist those in need of HR help.

Fiona’s previous roles have given her a wealth of experience and knowledge within human resources. Prior to starting her own service, Fiona was the HR Advisor for New Zealand’s largest corporate firm. This gave Fiona valuable insights into how HR actually operates day-to-day, with New Zealanders and our interests at the very heart of the career.  Different experiences and working along other management teams have built a strong foundation through which Fiona establishes herself.

Exposure to the industry’s inner workings through Paul Diver Associates, now Three 60 Consult, allowed Fiona to explore further interesting aspects of HR.  Here, Fiona observed the importance of workplace health and safety. Fiona completed an Occupational Health & Safety Diploma, adding to her growing skill base.

Fiona understands the benefits and risks involved with owning and operating a business, having been there herself. Her personal dealings with employees and employment relations place Fiona in the position to assist others.